We are an IT integrator using our expertise in regulatory compliance, project management, and IT engineering & operations to help you efficiently and effectively accomplish your business objectives. 


At FASTEC, we set up CCTV surveillance systems that give you visibility for your business in real-time. It sets the tone of caution in the space and allows you to act to ensure all are performing adequately and safely under your watch. Our CCTV systems cover both residential and commercial installations. That includes retail stores, commercial buildings, manufacturing plants using Digital and IP-based solutions. 

Access Control systems

Whether you are looking to restrict access to sensitive areas, limit certain areas to particular personnel, or monitor the movement throughout a building or protect the entry to supply and stock rooms, FASTEC is an integral part of your security system.  

FASTEC manages the full installation and set-up of electronic access control systems and security, equipment, and source equipment from proven manufacturers.  

Public Address Systems

PA systems allow for broadcasts over a designated area, typically found in retail, schools, offices, and public transport. Our intelligent public address systems enable a consistent stream of announcements with minimal effort. 

From the initial consultation and system design through to the final installation and on-demand maintenance, your organization can depend on FASTEC to provide your very specific communication requirements and supportive service across Sudan. 

Network Services

Physical connectivity is only one piece of the puzzle of your infrastructure. As a leading accredited network provider, we offer completely managed network services that you can trust, seamlessly connecting your people, processes, and places. FASTEC provides investigation, project design, planning, and consultancy services that correspond to all your network needs. 

Burglar Alarm Systems

With innovations in the security field, our clients know our wireless and hardwire burglar alarms are top of the line. Our alarm panel technology is secure and convenient, specifically designed by intruder alarm experts. The systems include Hardwired Intruder Alarm Systems, Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems, Perimeter Detection Systems. We also provide personalized items to suit your organizations such as printed bell boxes and keypads. 

Data & Voice Systems

FASTEC ensures your business has fast, efficient connectivity that is essential when transmitting the information. We understand the need of installing suitable communication systems and infrastructure. We provide the knowledge and expertise to install voice systems that adapt to future enhancements.  

Our voice and data services can provide the networking infrastructure your organization needs. To maintain stable voice and data systems in your network, we can manage your project and install cabling systems and wireless. 

TV System

We provide a full spectrum of services including consultation, design, installation, integration, as well as operational and maintenance support of the TV systemsPlease contact us for a survey and we can equip our services based on the requirements. We also specialize in maintenance and repairs for the equipment’s installed and we cover both residential and commercial buildings. 

Data Center

We understand that support of Data Centers and Points of Presence is highly demanding in terms of a Data Center Engineer’s skills, experience, and availability. To answer requirements for a robust support in critical places, we have our engineers based directly in data centers throughout major locations, so we can dispatch a technician/ technical team immediately to fulfill our client’s operational needs. 

Queuing Systems

Our queue management system allows customers and visitors to enter a queue by taking a ticket via different channels such as Self-Service Ticketing Kiosk, Web Ticketing, Mobile App and Online Appointment. It is a centralized system to manage queues in a systematic manner, to provide best services to customers and visitors as per their requirements. 

Providing services in Bus stations, hospitals, schools and service stations. 

Electrical Wiring

Electrical issues of any type can be severely disruptive to your daily life. At FASTEC, our goal is to minimize the disruption to put in place comprehensive electrical wiring services, for every aspect of your property both residential and commercial, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our electricians set an implementation plan in which it denotes the appropriate section of the carrier and the cutter for protection. That also specifies the possibility of lighting in a residence.